Arthur Frederick Way Morrell (1863-1950)

Arthur F. W. Morrell


Father: Hopewell Baker Morrell
Mother: Louisa Foote Hay


Daughter: Gwendoline Catherine Morrell (1889-1925)


Wife: Mary Josephine Frances "Tottie" Farrell (1864-1939)
Brother: Hopewell James Shuldham Morrell (1860-1906)
Sister: Louie Florence Morrell (June 1862[?]-6/22/1933) (death certificate says aged 73 years, so may have been born earlier)
Brother: Charles Sconce Morrell (5/14/1864-10/7/1948)
Brother: Herbert Hugh Morrell (5/7/1866-1906?)
Brother: Reginald Lister Morrell (12/22/1868-1927)
Sister: Winifred Violet Morrell (abt. 1869-1896)
Brother: Leonard Cyrill Morrell (12/26/1870-2/28/1939)
Brother: George Deacon Morrell (5/7/1872-1938)
Brother: Noel Hay Morrell (11/18/1874[?]-9/15/1906) (death certificate says aged 28 years, so may have been born later)
Brother: Walter Morrell (8/26/1876-?)


Birthplace: Forthampton, Gloucestershire (or Marylebone, London, depending upon the source)
Birthdate: June 27, 1863
Place of Death: Lidcombe hosp., Auburn, NSW, Australia
Date of Death: May 6, 1950


Considered by his descendants to perhaps have been a "remittance man" - a peson who was essentially paid by his family to stay away from home.  The cause of the breach from his parents is not known.  Through his one daughter, Gwen, he probably now has nearly 200 descendants.  
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Arthur Morrell, Arthur Frederick Way