Charles Sconce Morrell (1864-1948)


Father: Hopewell Baker Morrell
Mother: Louisa Foote Hay


Wife: Blanche Upton
Daughter: Elsie May Morrell 
Daughter: Muriel Gwendoline Morrell
Son: Private - may still be among the living
Also, predeceased by another son and two daughters


Brother: Hopewell James Shuldham Morrell (1860-1906)
Brother: Arthur Frederick Way Morrell (1863-1950)
Sister: Louie Florence Morrell (June 1862[?]-6/22/1933) (death certificate says aged 73 years, so may have been born earlier)
Brother: Herbert Hugh Morrell (5/7/1866-1908)
Brother: Reginald Lister Morrell (12/22/1868-1927)
Sister: Winifred Violet Morrell (abt. 1869-1896)
Brother: Leonard Cyrill Morrell (1870-1939)
Brother: George Deacon Morrell (5/7/1872-1938)
Brother: Noel Hay Morrell (11/18/1874[?]-9/15/1906) (death certificate says aged 28 years, so may have been born later)
Brother: Walter Morrell (8/26/1876-?)


Birthplace: Belgium (Born a British Subject)
Birthdate: May 14, 1864
Place of Death: Leeton, NSW, Australia
Date of Death: October 07, 1948
Burial: Church of England Cemetery, Leeton, NSW, Australia


1881 Was on the Training Ship Conway as a scholar, in port at Higher Bebington, Cheshire
1898 (estimated) came to Australia
1930 Voter Rolls: Farm 169, Leeton, Riverina, NSW
1936 Voter Rolls: Boree Street, Leeton, Riverina, NSW. Employed as an orchardist

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