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Previously in commentary in these archives I explained that, originally, "original" Dailies featured appearances by genuine fanfiction characters instead of by their King Arthur in Time and Space analogs; but in the mid-90s I segregated all others' intellectual property out of the Dailies binder and into a binder of their own, replacing them in the original Dailies with thinly-veiled parodies of themselves. When Dailies went online about 1999 they went all-fanfiction all the time because fanfiction was pretty much the basis of all my online activity. It may seem odd that, when I revived original Dailies in 2003, I continued to replace fanfiction characters in them when on alternate days I was still drawing fanfiction cartoons. At the time I thought I'd be doing fanfiction Dailies, King Arthur in Time and Space Dailies and original Dailies on this site indefinitely, and that the possibility existed (however slight) that original Dailies might yet one day pave my way to fame and fortune, except they couldn't if they were riddled with copyright violations. But when I discovered more conventional webcomics and resolved to start one I came to the decision that Arthur, King of Time and Space and not the semiautobiographical original Dailies was the concept I wanted to go with.

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