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If you've been reading these cartoons a long time and really paying a lot of attention, you may have noticed throughout this cartoon's appearances in reruns that the clothing on the out-of-panel, breaking-the-fourth-wall figures of Lancelot and Pelleas update as the characters' places in my cartoons evolve. At first Lancelot was in the grey thing T'Pol wore in ENTERPRISE's first two years and Pelleas, who wasn't then a current EXCALIBUR character but is a knight in the legends, was in a standard fleet uniform. Eventually Lancelot wore the red thing T'Pol switched to; eventually when Pelleas became the analog of Alison in Scream of the Shalka he was in the green tank top he wears in Dailies set in that era. Now that there aren't new King Arthur in Time and Space cartoons, Lancelot is in the uniform he currently wears in Arthur, King of Time and Space. Pelleas doesn't appear in Arthur, King of Time and Space regularly yet, but he has appeared in a single panel time-traveling from the future so here he's wearing the top he wore then.

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