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The Swords of Eternity


A few words of explanation may be in order, since initial comments on the story requested clarifications:
Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT from DOCTOR WHO is an Immortal. In the twenty-fourth century he is a Starfleet admiral. Either he attained the rank without ever having served off Earth, or Immortals have learned since Flint's time how not to lose their immortality when leaving Earth, or he served off Earth in full comprehension of the consequence; or possibly (as suggested to me by HIGHLANDER fan Rob Morris) Flint pulled a fast one on McCoy in the first place. I don't know.
The adversaries in this story are self-appointed successors to the Four Horsemen as portrayed on HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES.
Picard and the Doctor are not Immortals. They were just helping out (and, as suggested by the trailer I've seen for HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME, by the twenty-fourth century there will be precedent that there are allowances to the rule that all Immortal duels are one-on-one). As you can see if you look, they didn't share in the Quickening.

I know why it is that Flint claimed in Requiem for Methuselah to have been Merlin and yet the Doctor was told in Battlefield that a future incarnation of him will be Merlin, but I have yet to write it into anything so you'll just have to wait.
(If there's anything in HIGHLANDER about the true identity of Merlin to further confuse matters, I'm ignorant of it and would welcome enlightenment.)

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