Paul Gadzikowski


What I Did on My Summer Vacation, addendum

This is a scene from WIDOMSV, except that it didn't really belong in that story, but I couldn't not write it. Set just after the third season premiere.

It was the first quiet moment she'd had with Giles since she got back. Buffy was enjoying the comforting familiarity of the library. She took it all in like a movie camera panning for an establishing shot (It'd been good to see Xander again) and felt at home, though in a different way than in her own room.

Giles was behind the front desk by the time she was facing it. He was rummaging around behind it for something, so she walked up to the counter. Just as she arrived, he found what he was looking for, and set it with a thump on the counter.

It was the root beer mug Buffy had swiped at the space station.

But she'd left that behind on the TARDIS.

"I know what you did last summer," said Giles.


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