Paul Gadzikowski


"Did you know about this?" Giles demanded. As with Willow, he'd waited until they were alone.

"I was more surprised than you," said the Doctor frankly. "But don't take that tone with me. They planned it right under your nose."

"Yes, well. Sorry," Giles apologized. "I'm frightfully concerned. I didn't expect to be back, certainly not so soon. Nothing else could have brought me back." He looked the Doctor in the eye. "Particularly in light of this, I need to know they'll have responsible supervision, if part-time, when I'm gone again."

"That's not my place. Even if it's still yours," rebutted the Doctor. "If I had known what they were planning, I may have halted or helped it as I thought warranted. I've known it to work before, you know. Friend of mine had his body rejuventated in a terraforming experiment -"

"I've heard the story," Giles interrupted. "As I recall, you recently told it to Dawn as an object lesson in prices paid."

"Yes," admitted the Doctor. He chewed his lip a moment. "I'll try to keep an eye out."

"Thank you," Giles sighed. "I hope to ask Angel too. Buffy's gone to see him now ... What?" he asked as the Doctor shook his head. "I thought you and Angel were getting along better."

"That's not it. Angel's got his own pots on," said the Doctor. "I suspect he's even less likely to be sighted in Sunnydale than I am."


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