Paul Gadzikowski


"Doctor," said Willow. "... All those years ago when you researched Buffy's death, how did you go about it?"

"Well," said the Doctor, "because of the lack of conventional documentation of Earth Slayers, even as a Time Lord I was rather obliged to track her personal history forward from the the date when I had then last met her, by the same means as a more timebound historian would use."

"So you just traced her through public records," said Xander, "from - when was it - January 1998 until you discovered her death recorded as of May 2001."

"Yes. I discovered the records of Giles' headstone purchase, and his order for what was carved on it."

"And you looked no further?" Tara asked.

"Why, no." What a curious thing for her to say.

"I have someone for you to meet," said Anya.


The Doctor found himself on the couch without knowing how he'd gotten there. "What happened?"

"You fainted," said Buffy.

"I never faint," said the Doctor.


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