Paul Gadzikowski


"I know what I wanted to ask you, Doctor," said Willow. "When I was in L.A. last month, I heard about this kid in postgraduate who almost stopped time but Angel stopped him."

"Yes?" said the Doctor.

"I thought Time Lords were supposed to watch for stuff like that so they don't happen."

"What are you talking about? I did pick up the anomaly in the continuum on my scanners. That's why I landed uptimestream and enlisted Angel's assistance."

"You did?"

"It was between Saavik and Padme, and I wanted some help. He needed a talking-to just then anyhow."

"I thought ... Somehow I'd gotten the impression that it was the Host who told Angel about it and helped him out."

"Him? How could he find out about it? Those ivy-tower milquetoast types don't go in for karaoke. On the other hand - as you say - the sort of thing is just my cup of tea."

"Well ... it does make sense ... but I'm pretty sure I was told -"

"This is always happening to me. No one seems to realize I was with the Enterprise crew at Halka or Tholia, or when they saved the whales. Or that I was with Sheridan and Sinclair on Babylon 4."

"But -"

"When Lois and Clark need time-travel assistance, who do you suppose it is who shows up? H.G. Wells? And ..."


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