Paul Gadzikowski


"Out of the way, scarecrow!"

"I was here first, you clown!"

"Shut up, both of you! There's work to be done!"

"You too! How I'm supposed to repair Andromeda Ascendant's engines with you eight underfoot, I don't know."

"You must have realized this would happen when you volunteered to enter the anatemporal field here on the power deck, mustn't you?"

"I would have ..."

"You would not."

"People, please! Having so many of me here ought to make the work go faster, not slower!!"

"Jelly-baby, anyone?"

Some yards away, safe from the immediate effects of the anatemporal anomaly, stood an android in the form of a petite, olive-skinned young woman. Next to her was a holoprojection in the form of a petite, olive-skinned young woman. On a datascreen behind them the ship's AI appeared as a petite, olive-skinned young woman. All three watched and listened to the Doctor's nine personalities attempting to get along well enough to accomplish something.

"Didn't know when I was well off," the three murmured simultaneously.


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