Paul Gadzikowski


"I'm overjoyed to be among my own people again," said Neelix, "but I'm certainly going to miss the humans on Voyager and I'm glad I'll be keeping in touch with them."

"The humans specifically?" wondered the Doctor. "Why?"

"Well ... maybe it's because this quadrant is a harsher place than the Alpha Quadrant seems to be - but humans have a positive mindset I never encountered anywhere else. Even the grumpiest, crankiest, half-Klingon or holographic human seems to believe everything will come out right in the end if you just stick to your principles and apply yourself.

"That's a reflection of my own outlook that I don't see very often. I don't know if you've noticed, but many people consider me annoyingly cheerful."

"It has on occasion just crossed the threshold of my perception," admitted the Doctor.


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