Paul Gadzikowski


"I know you," said the Doctor suddenly to the only other man in the monorail car. "You're Bester. We've never met but the people on Babylon 5 told me about you. You're a war criminal on the run now, aren't you? Your mental attack against me and my companion is useless you know."

"Apparently so," admitted the other man coolly. He looked about the Doctor's size, as near as Padme could judge while he was sitting. He had hard eyes. "So you have the advantage of me in more ways than one."

"Sorry. This is Padme and I'm the Doctor. I travel in time, which is good news for you, as I'm not going to turn you in, because I know the fate which history already has in store for you."

"Is that so," said Bester with the air of humoring a madman. "Does this alleged time traveling have anything to do with your admirable psychic defenses?"

"Well, Padme is from another galaxy and the physical configuration of her brain is too different from yours. I, on the other hand, am what on your scale would be considered a P-26."

"Really." Now Bester looked really dangerous. Obviously the Doctor was poking him in his pride.

"Of course on a similar scale on my planet I'd only be a P-8," said the Doctor modestly.

"Men," murmurred Padme.

It may have been a tactical error, for the Doctor and Bester both now redirected their coolest gazes toward her as a common enemy.

"This is what Ms. Lane spoke of as a P-ing contest, isn't it?" Padme said.


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