Paul Gadzikowski


The Doctor and Padme found Buffy and Dawn collapsed in each other's arms just inside their front door. The time-travelers helped the girls into the living room, and stood watch against the universe so Dawn could be the strong one while Buffy finally melted down under the stress of dealing with their mother's death and dealing with their mother's funeral and being strong for Dawn. When Buffy had run out Padme helped her to bed.

"Doctor," Dawn asked when they were alone, "have you ever known anyone who came back from the dead?"

He looked at her sharply but answered the question she'd voiced. "One or two people. Chap I know had his corpse regenerated by a terraforming experiment ..." He told her the story he'd told Buffy once. "... So you see, such things come rarely and with difficulty and only at great personal loss to the seeker, because they offend the order of the universe."

"Been there, done that," said Dawn. The Doctor waited for her to continue. "I tried a resurrection spell on Mom tonight. I think it worked, too. But I canceled it."


"'Cuz I thought no one but Mom really cared about me ... and then I found out I was wrong."

The Doctor nodded. "You know," he said in apparent non-sequitur, "this fellow I've just told you about: He gets absolutely paranoid sometimes about letting his feelings show. Thinks it's showing lack of control. Good thing people on this planet aren't like that, eh?"

Dawn actually smiled. "Right."


"Well, Doctor?" said Padme after putting Dawn to bed too.

"Well what?"

"Joyce was your grandmother. How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine. ...Really!"


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