Paul Gadzikowski


"I have to admit I'm impressed," said Cordelia.

The room had comfortable, even luxurous seating, and (since it wasn't smoggy today) a magnificent twenty-third storey view. Still, it was the twenty-third storey of the Wolfram and Hart building and there was no interior doorknob, so Cordelia, the Doctor and Padme were obliged to sit and wait for Wesley and the others to notice they were missing.

"I didn't think you had it in you," Cordelia continued, and Padme now seemed to realize Cordelia was talking to her. "The way you got all fired up when we figured out what Lila was up to this time, and the way you insisted on joining this harebrained scheme of the Doctor's to beard her in her office."

"I'm not sure 'harebrained scheme' is descriptive," objected the Doctor.

"You're right," agreed Cordelia, "'scheme' usually means there's actual planning involved. Such as contingency escape plans?"

"These ... these wolfhearted people," Padme murmurred. "For those charged and empowered to defend the helpless to hire themselves out to the very forces of evil ...You think me passionless because I'm usually so reserved, don't you?"

"'Cold fish', we call it on this planet," said Cordelia helpfully.

Padme nodded. "It's so most of the places the Doctor takes me. But I do have a passion for justice and fairness. It was instilled in me by my parents. I hope one day to pass it on to children of my own. ...What was that, Doctor?"

"Nothing. I didn't say anything."


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