Paul Gadzikowski


"You taste funny," said Harmony, before they had quite awakened.

"I don't understand," slurred Opirn, after first giving Rivelle enough time to respond had she been able.

Harmony rolled her eyes. "I'm a vampire. I've just granted you immortality because I wanted someone to talk to and to wait on me hand and foot. Why does your blood taste funny?"

Rivelle wasn't sure what any of the rest of it meant, but the answer to the question was obvious. "We aren't from your world."

"Du-u-uh. You're vampires now! Vampires are demons from hell."

"We're from another planet," Opirn explained.

"Cool! How did you get here?"

"Our planet's masters are time engineers," Opirn said. "Our master was experimenting with a time tunnel, and required us to test it."

"He said," Rivelle added bitterly, "that his instruments would show whether we had survived, but that he was unable to bring us back."

"Bitchin'! My new servants have experience! What's the name of your planet?"


Harmony clapped her hands in delight. "I have Minyans!"


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