Paul Gadzikowski


UNIT headquarters. Armed soldiers have established a perimeter around the campus. Brigadier Bambera is at the main gate when the Doctor and Padme drive up in a UNIT jeep. The rear of the jeep is filled with shopping packages sporting electronics chain shop logos.

"Find everything?" Bambera asks the Doctor.

Down the road whence the jeep came, there is a noise, several mechanically filtered voices. You can't make out what they're saying but you know because you know the voices.

"Just about," says the Doctor. "I'll cobble the rest together somehow."

"Grief, that's a lot of loot," observes Bambera. "... Didn't nick it, did you?"

Sure enough, around the bend in the road rolls an army of Daleks. "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! THE-DALEKS-SHALL-REIGN-SUPREME!"

"Of course not!" the Doctor answers Bambera. "Your quartermaster gave me a credit card."

"You put all this on credit?" Bambera frowns. "Thanks for running up our interest charges."

"No no," says the Doctor, pulling the card from his interior coar pocket and casually holding it in perfect product placement. "It's the new Capitol One Visa. No interest charges."

The Daleks trundle to a stop, silent.

"Oh," says Bambera. "That's all right then."

The Daleks exchange unsettled looks until the lead Dalek calls, "TO-THE-NEIGHBORS'!"

"Well, I'll just get on with my puttering," says the Doctor.

"No rush, I suppose," says Bambera.

As the Daleks move on to the next secret military base down the road, one turns to you and asks rhetorically, "WHAT'S-IN-YOUR-WALLET?"


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