Paul Gadzikowski


"Martha - Jonathan - I want to thank you."

"Nonsense, Padme," said Martha Kent. "Jonathan just opened the boxes and put them in the microwave."

"Not just for dinner," said Padme, who'd got quite fond of Swanson's - to the Doctor's distress. "For this week. For letting me help out with the house and the farm. Being provided for by the TARDIS isn't exactly what my journey is for. I'm supposed to be living with the 'real' people, and you two have shown me what that means. You're the two most real people I've met."

"Well, we thank you too," said Jonathan, taking her tray and his own to the wastebin while Martha collected hers and the Doctor's. "For someone who claims to be a pampered aristocrat you're a fine worker."

"I am a pampered aristocrat, and I have the aches to prove it," smiled Padme ruefully. "I'm pretty ready to go back to it."

"Now now," said the Doctor. "The lesson isn't served if you quit while it's still fun."

"Yes, teacher," said Padme deferentially. "But I am tired. If I may be excused I think I'll retire."

The Doctor and the Kents said goodnight. Jonathan watched her ascend the stairs until she was out of earshot, then said to the Doctor, "Clark called while you two were out."

"Yes?" The Doctor perked up.

"He said S.T.A.R. Labs can manufacture the TARDIS part from your blueprints, and they'll have it in a day or two."

"Good. Wonderful," said the Doctor. "No offense to your eminently hospitable selves, but I'm going quite stir-crazy."


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