Paul Gadzikowski


"Well, look at this," said Giles. Among the perks of being a Watcher again was daily delivery to the magic shop of a London newspaper. "Tony Blair has reinvented the 'magnet school' concept for England."

"That's where you go to learn to be a magnate?" said Xander.

"'Magnet' has only one 'A', dear," said Anya. Xander explained.

"You may not be far off, Xander," said Giles. "Blair's idea is for the schools to acquire corporate sponsorships. A school sponsored by, say, BMW would have a curriculum geared (no pun intended, sorry) toward aspects of automobile manufacturing."

"Say," said Willow with Willow-enthusiasm, "you think maybe the Watchers' Council might sponsor a school?"

"Oh god," said Buffy, "you mean there could be Hogwart's for real?"

Dawn snorted. "More like Professor X's school for mutants ..."


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