Paul Gadzikowski


"Hello," said the mousy, pointy-nosed little man with the long black hair and the long black coat. "I'm the Doctor, and this is my friend Padme." The girl in the Japanese(?) fancy dress smiled and bowed politely.

He had the face most recently added to the PROSPERO file by British UNIT. But the President was skeptical about the balance of the file's contents. "And you're a - What was it? - a 'Time Lord' from another planet?"

"It's got out recently that I'm half human," said the Doctor. His eyes were sweeping the Oval Office like a tourist. Or like a Secret Service agent. Such as the two eying him that way right now.

The President shook his head. "Too pat."

"Pardon me?" That arrested the Doctor's phlegmatic attention.

"Too hokey. Too trite," said the President. "It's just like all the classic folk heroes. Raised humbly but revealed to be of noble blood, or vice versa."

"Ah," the Doctor nodded; then asked, "Which way would you say that goes for me?"


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