Paul Gadzikowski


T*R*E*K: "It vas Russian, sir, every vord!"

The Melkotian bouy had apparently become satisfied with the prominence it had obtained on the main viewscreen, for it began broadcasting a warning signal. "Aliens," it said. "You have encroached on the space of the Melkot. You will turn back immediately. This is the only warning you will receive."

During this speech Srank had moved down from the science station to the command chair. When it was over he said to Potter, nodding, "Vulcan, Captain."

"Vulcan?" said Potter. "I heard English!"

"It was Lebanese, sir, every word!" exclaimed Klinger at navigation.

"I heard Vulcan too," said Radar. He had been going to report that the message hadn't been received by any of the equipment at his board, but now he figured that was becoming apparent.

"I got it in pig-latin," said Hawkeye from the helm.

"Iambic pentameter," B.J. contributed.

"Interesting," said Potter. "Telepathy."

"Most impressive," said Srank.

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