Paul Gadzikowski

The Return of Archy the Cockroach

Archy Decides What's Right

there s a john cougar
mellancamp record called the
scarecrow about a farm
getting repossessed the banker
tells the farmer it s just
my job and the farmer
replies that don t make
it right

well that s true but
what the farmer doesn t seem
to grasp is that what
makes it right
is the farmer made a
promise to the bank to
repay his loan and
failed to keep that promise
through his own misfortune
and no fault of the

the banker arguably deserves
some thanks from the
farmer for providing the
farmer with a service that
allowed the farmer more
time to try to outlast
his misfortune than he
would have had if
that service hadn t been

but instead the poor banker
gets made the scapegoat

i was going to write several
stanzas more about how
bankers and rich people
so often are painted as
villains by people who wish
they were rich but i hope
i ve made my point already

after all a profit is not without


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