Paul Gadzikowski


Less-Than-Total Recall

"Wait a minute," said Mulder, "- you're telling us that vampires are really giants from outer space?"

"Not precisely," said the Doctor. "I'm telling you some of the vampirism on Earth was brought here by the giant vampires of my planet's history."

"Doctor," Scully broke in, pleased that for once Mulder was almost as incredulous as she, "U.N. credentials or not, you can't expect us to believe this."

The Doctor looked from one of them to the other, then stomped his foot. "I had hoped not to have to do this, this time ..." He took from his pocket something that looked a little like a tire guage, caused it to give off a mechanical hum, and said, "There's nothing more useless than a lock with a voiceprint."

Loosed memories flooded Scully's skull: How this man was half-alien, a traveler in time and space. How he was somehow the same man as their previous UNIT contact, the short guy with the umbrella, rather than just his successor. How he had assisted Mulder and herself in resolving several X-Files with fantastic explanations which even Scully had had to accept.

And mostly, how he was always playing with their memories in claimed compliance with the supposed laws of time and history.

Mulder hauled off and slugged him.

Scully looked down on the Doctor with satisfaction but with confusion. "He always does that, and you never duck."

"Can we just get on with this?" The Doctor waited for a nod from Mulder before getting up.


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