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New King Arthur in Time and Space Dailies may be set anytime in this history. Rerun Dailies are cycled in chronological order. Includes spoilers for stories and some rerun Dailies. Note also that many fanfiction stories and Dailies depict events parallel to King Arthur in Time and Space events.

Previously in the imaginary screen canon, in stories, and in Daily cartoons:

The time-traveling sorceror Merlin and his apprentice Nimue often visited King Arthur, High King of all British space and commander of the starcruiser Excalibur.

Arthur overlooked the love affair between his queen and CMO Guenevere and his first knight and science officer Lancelot, out of his own love for both of them and theirs for him.

In engine interference from an ion storm Arthur, Guenevere, Gawaine and Bedivere were transported to an alternate dimension they dubbed Evilspace, where reflections of themselves ruled British space by might.

Arthur discovered his former lover and his and Merlin's archenemy Morgan le Fey, an Avalonian time-taveler like Merlin, was Arthur's half-sister.

In events surrounding Morgan's building a terraforming device powered by the Holy Grail, Lancelot died and was resurrected and Arthur learned Morgan had borne him a now-grown son, Mordred.

Merlin's half-Avalonian and half-Briton ancestry was revealed when Lancelot's ward Galahad was discovered to be Merlin's half-brother (and Lancelot's genetic son).

Merlin died, sacrificing himself for Nimue; Nimue inherited his powers and his time machine the CAVE, and picked up the Round Table knight Pelleas as a traveling companion.

Morgan was reconciled with Arthur after hijacking the Excalibur to meet a false God and after Arthur made their son Mordred his heir and regent.

Nimue was put on trial by the Avalonians in what turned out to be a coverup of Avalonian corruption, prosecuted by Taliesin, an "amalgamation of all Merlin's evil" promised by the Avalonians all Merlin's powers inherited by Nimue if he prosecuted her successfully.

Arthur went missing and was presumed dead in a spacetime anomaly called the Tumulus until Sir Lohengrin commanding the Excalibur-D rescued his "shadow" from the Tumulus to help him defeat a mad Avalonian.

Merlin's foster parents were revealed to be Alcides and Deianira of the planet Greece, the former being the secret identity of the hero Hercules; and Merlin's genetic mother to be Saint Pudentiana the Fairy Bane, the chosen one of her generation who could banish Fairie to their own dimension of Annwfn, operating in the capital city of the capital planet of the Roman interstellar empire in the times of Claudius Caesar.

Robin of Locksley, commanding Sherwood Station, defeated an Evilspace invasion of this dimension with the help of Nimue who brought a second "shadow" of Arthur from the Tumulus to become commander of Evilspace's Briton rebellion against the empire.

Then Morgan, now Lady of the Lake of the planet Avalon, and Nimue discovered a "temporal cold war" being waged that had already markedly changed Arthur's early history so that he was king only of the solar system of the planet Camelot, and there was no High King of all British space.

Also, Arthur had now been Merlin's time-traveling companion previous to ascending to the throne of Camelot and to command of Excalibur, never crossing Nimue's path though visiting many of the same heroes throughout spacetime. Heroes besides Arthur frequently visited by Merlin and Nimue together or seperately included Pudentiana and her would-be lover Genius (nee Fabian), the Fairie cursed to have a human conscience; Sir Robin of Locksley at Sherwood Station; the Ennead knight Osiris and his apprentice Sutekh doomed to become the evil Lord Set; the sulky battle surgeon Achilles of the Trojan H*O*R*S*E; the timelost Roman emperor Maximus, fighting to restore the Empire in later centuries as Charlemagne; Hercules; and others.

In the Avalonian campaign to reverse or revert the changed history of Arthur's time, Morgan persuaded the others of the Nine Ladies of Avalon to timemeld Nimue with the person she would have been in the new history, but retaining her memories and identity.

Meanwhile Morgan, also so melded, impersonated the person she would have been in the new history, gradually seducing Arthur as the romance between Guenevere and Lancelot developed, finally to appearances joining up with the very forces she and Nimue were struggling to defeat - but doing so on the same date as she'd turned against Arthur and Merlin in the original history, hoping the resonance would help keep history on track, and that more resonances might even snap it back.

On the occasion of keeping resonance with the date she and Merlin became lovers, Nimue discovered that on Merlin's death Nimue had cast a spell to sacrifice her soul for his in her body: that since then she had been Merlin's soul in Nimue's body, and since her meld with the new history the Merlin she knew was not her soul's past self but Nimue's soul in Merlin's body.

It was some six years into the temporal cold war before Nimue brought Morgan to realize that in the new history Arthur's people and Morgan's had had no contact until the present generation - which meant Morgan was no longer Arthur's half-sister.

After an extended stay in Hindu space successfully hunting down a superweapon slated for destroying the Camelot planetary system, Arthur and Nimue found that the timeline had reverted, partially.

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