Paul Gadzikowski

The Return of Archy the Cockroach

On the Common Perception of the Internet

i was watching that tv show
the x files
the other week the villain
found his victims in the
chat rooms of an unnamed
open parentheses fictional
question mark close parentheses
online service i observed to
crackers the cat that i
would like to see tv
crime shows that show the
internet used to solve their
crimes rather than to commit them
in the end though agents
mulder and scully
tracked him down through
his net usage which
was a little better

the same week i saw
forever knight
the cop show whose hero
is a vampire their
episode that week
featured a criminal who
was an internet user but
to whom that usage was
only normal background
noise to life his internet
usage was instrumental
in neither the commission
nor the solution of the
week s crime that s
more like it i told


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