Paul Gadzikowski


In Thy Image


"This is not how I intended to make history, when I enrolled at the academy," Janeway grumbled, toasting anyway. She clinked glasses with the EMH, the Doctor, and O'Sullivan. "... I wish Michael had been there when Sisko was."

"Why?" asked O'Sullivan. "To ask whether I have a soul? You already established that, Katie."

"I wasn't trying to make history," said the EMH. "I'm experiencing a little belated trepidation at the enormity of what we've done. Do you believe that even Lord Chaotica should be freed, Doctor? I'm certainly of two minds about it."

"I don't know," said the Doctor, "but I doubt he shall. The prosecution was right about at least one thing: law derives from the measurable rather than from the spiritual. I imagine there will be standards set for personality complexity which will be beyond Chaotica. Though not beyond Data's friend Professor Moriarty, I'll wager."

"Have we loosed all the worst villains of fiction on the Federation?" Janeway asked. "And there are educational holograms of people like Hitler, and Caligula, and Li Quan, you know."

"I expect there'll be standards of mental health established too," said the Doctor. "And I expect there'll be mistakes made initially, even fatal mistakes. After all," he smiled to the EMH, "you fellows are made in your creators' image."

"You make me doubt that this was the right thing to do," said the EMH dispiritedly.

"Would you remove the Declaration of Independence from history to save the lives lost in the American War of Independence?" the Doctor asked. "Or stop the world ban on corporations to stop the post-atomic horror? It wouldn't work if you tried - history finds its own level. And the people who make it find their own inspirations."

"To inspiration," Janeway toasted. "Wherever it may lead us."


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