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In Thy Image


"I call to the stand Michael O'Sullivan," said the Doctor. Janeway activated the holoprojector set up between the defense and prosecution tables. A rugged human looking about forty years old, in a plain suit looking about four hundred years old, appeared at room center as Chaotica had done.

"Please take the stand," said the Doctor.

O'Sullivan bowed to the court, shot Janeway a nervous smile, and sat.

"State your name and occupation."

"Michael O'Sullivan, tavernkeeper."

"Where is your tavern?"

"In a small Irish town called Fairhaven." He spoke with a lilt.

"I'm not familiar with its location on the map of Ireland."

"Well, it's not there. Fairhaven is a holodeck program created by Lieutenant Tom Paris."

The admiral on Admiral Paris' left was startled. "He knows he's a hologram?"

"What's so odd about that?" huffed the EMH at the defense table.

"May it please the court," said Janeway, waving the EMH quiet as she stood from her seat next to his, "I informed Mr. O'Sullivan of this fact on the occasion of the Fairhaven program's malfunction causing the townspeople to persecute the crew as evil spirits."

"It's in the logs that came in from Pathfinder," said the Mindolian admiral.

"Never got time to review them," grumbled the first admiral. "But my kids get the dramas from the holostudio."

"Sir," said Janeway coldly, "I beg you to review our proper logs at the first opportunity for accuracy's sake."

"All due apologies, Captain."

"Sir," said the Doctor intently, "if you have viewed the drama based on the logs of the Hirogen's holograms' rebellion without reading the actual logs, I must request a mistrial be declared. The drama grossly misrepresented the degree of recognition held of holographic beings by Voyager's captain and crew by that time in their mission. Your having viewed it could only be prejudicial to the defense case."

"Missed that one," said the admiral. "You may proceed."

"How did you react when Captain Janeway told you this?" the Doctor asked O'Sullivan.

"Oh, it was rough. I'd always been - or I remembered having been - a God-fearin' man. Well, I say 'fear', but God is just an' loves the world an' does right by you if you do right by Him. It's a hard thing learnin' your Eden was a game-makin' machine. Even a real smart one as can run a - a starship."

"Sounds very traumatic. What got you through it?"

O'Sullivan looked from the Doctor to Janeway. His face beamed. "Katie." She smiled back.

"What is your relationship with Captain Janeway?"

O'Sullivan squirmed. "Where I come from that's not a proper question."

"I think rather you're afraid your answer is improper. It doesn't matter. We're not here to judge you."

"Beggin' your pardon but that's exactly what you told me you're here for."

"Yes. Allow me to rephrase: The judges are seekers of truth, and must learn the whole truth to make a just decision. Please answer the question."

"We're ... lovers," said O'Sullivan awkwardly.

"And how specifically did Katie help you through your crisis?"

"She persuaded me that the God I believe in is just as capable of causing His children to be born of man's machine as of woman's womb. And that the feeling I have for her, and she for me, is all the proof a man needs of that."

"So - it was your loved one who saw you through the trauma of discovering your true origins."


"Thank you. No more questions." The Doctor sat as the Starfleet JAG was called forward to cross.

"Mr. O'Sullivan, have the other residents of Fairhaven been informed of their true origin as you have?"

"Their true origin is with God, ma'am. They know that."

"I meant, as the products of a 'game-making machine'."

"Oh no. Not yet at least. They're good, simple folk, but not very learned and very superstitious. It'd have to be worked up to, like."

"No further questions," said the JAG, returning to her seat.

"Re-direct?" Paris asked.

The Doctor stood and addressed O'Sullivan from the defense table, "Whose decision was it that your townspeople weren't ready for this intelligence?"

"Katie left it to me. I know'em best."

"No further questions." The Doctor sat.

"Witness is dismissed," said Paris, and after a quick hug Janeway deactivated the holoprojector.


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