Paul Gadzikowski


In Thy Image


During prosecution direct examination the Starfleet JAG asked the EMH, "What is that device at your shoulder?"

"It is a mobile hologram emitter."

"I'm not aware of any Federation technology able to miniaturize that function so well."

"It's from the future, acquired during one of Voyager's time-travel adventures."

"And what would happen to you were it to malfunction while you were in this room?"

"The possibilites range from normal transfer of my program back onto Voyager to my program's outright loss."

"In other words, you'd cease to exist without it, unless returned to your original environment."



During cross examination the Doctor asked the EMH, "As a physician, do you recognize the device which the judging admiral seated farthest from you wears at its waist?"

"I do."

"What is the device?"

"A standard personal anti-grav for persons on planets with much greater gravity than that on which their species evolved."

"And what would happen to the admiral if this device were to malfunction while it was in this room?"

"It's a Mindolian. The probability is that Earth's gravity would crush it, if it weren't moved to a more moderate artifical gravity field immediately. Certainly much injury would result, almost certainly permanent injury."

"In other words, it'd cease to exist without that device, unless returned to its original environment."


"To the best of your knowledge, does this abrogate its rights as a natural-born citizen of the Federation?"

"I am not an ELH, but none of the basic legal texts I do have in my database suggest any such thing."


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