Paul Gadzikowski


In Thy Image


"I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!" said the EMH.

"You knew that the other mark one EMHs are miners now, and you didn't say anything?" Janeway asked.

"I found out the time I came to Earth in the Pathfinder packet," said the EMH, "to cure Dr. Zimmerman. I had a great deal of trouble getting him to trust me because of repressed anger over what happened to the other mark ones. ...And I suppose I never mentioned it after returning, because I find it as humiliating as he does. If not more so."

"And it didn't occur to you that the same thing might happen to you when we arrived home?"

"Of course not!" the EMH snapped. "My circumstances are different! I've been activated almost continuously for years. I've learned, grown! I cured Dr. Zimmerman when Earth's best doctors couldn't, because of my experience in the Delta Quadrant. Captain, you know all this!"

"I do. And I can't get the Admiralty to listen." Janeway left her ready room chair to pace. "This crew looks at holograms differently than ordinary Starfleet does."

"Can't you make them see -"

"I can't, no," Janeway said wryly, sitting on the front of her desk next to the EMH's chair. "Medical's still debating what to make of my relationship with Michael O'Sullivan. They're not going to listen to anyone from Voyager on this."

"Dr. Zimmerman?"

"He is an expert, but not exactly an unbiased observer, any more than we."

"What you're saying then is," said the EMH, "in order to persuade Starfleet not to remove me from my post, we need someone who is familiar with, and to, 'ordinary' Starfleet - as distinguished from Voyager - but who nevertheless shares Voyager's experience."

Without even a pause for comic timing, the TARDIS materialized two feet away.

"The minds reels with sarcastic comments about mounted soldiery," the EMH greeted the Doctor as he and Padme exited the timeship.


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