Paul Gadzikowski


T*R*E*K: "I would be honored, sir."

When the notification that the Enterprise was approaching Vulcan came, Hawkeye and Trapper John happened to get on the same lift as Srank on their way to the bridge.

"It is obvious," Srank said, "that you two have surmised my problem."

"That's us," Trapper John said. "Nosey Nates."

Srank cleared his throat before continuing. "There is a brief ceremony, on the planet."

"Ceremony?" Hawkeye said.

"By tradition, the male is accompanied by his closest friends."

"Is that so," Hawkeye said into the silence.


"'Closest friends', huh?" Trapper John said.


"I guess," said Hawkeye, "you'll just have to make do with us."

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