Paul Gadzikowski

DOCTOR WHO/Absolutely Fabulous crossover

Too Fast for the Room

"Eddie! Patsy!" cried the pretty fellow in the velvet frock coat. "You know me! I'm the Doctor."

"You are not the Doctor," Edina slurred as he took the barstool between them and ordered a ginger beer.

"Doctor's a little runty chap with a Scots accent," said Patsy.

"No no!" Edina protested. "He's the burly guy helps me pick out my clothes in the shops."

"Now now, Eddie," said the fellow. "Didn't I break you two out of the lockup in Calais?"

"I guess you did," said Edina, after taking a fair amount of processing time to access memory laced with gin.

"And," he continued, "who but the Doctor would know that Patsy has a police box tatooed on her -"

"You are the Doctor," said Patsy though uncertain whether she was convinced or just wanted him to shut up, or both.

"This always happens when you come around," Edina accused.

"I know," shrugged the Doctor.

Patsy squinted at their bottle, trying to make out the brand name. "Good stuff, this," she said.


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