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The Doctor's Father

The original trilogy

The Vulcan Starfleet cadet Saavik (that is, she appeared Vulcan onscreen; novelizations and fannish tradition have it that she was half Romulan) is the only character from the STAR TREK screen canon (1) who is considered a regular (despite a mere two and a quarter appearances in the movie series), (2) about whom there is zero biographical data in the screen canon, and (3) who was played by more than one actor ... like the Doctor. This exploration of Saavik's origins is set between STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN and STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, and between Timeflight and Arc of Infinity.
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One Child Born
In the final scene of the series finale of LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, Lois and Clark - after being told that Earthpeople and Kryptonians aren't genetically compatible - have a baby left in their home anonymously. This DOCTOR WHO/LOIS & CLARK crossover is set a week after that, and after the 1996 DOCTOR WHO movie.
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Despite the light banter of the characters on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, it's often very dark stories they are made to tell. In this DOCTOR WHO crossover Buffy actually learns something encouraging. Set a week after Innocence (Buffy's seventeenth birthday), and after the 1996 DOCTOR WHO movie.
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Potpourri Six

Nine To Five
This is a selected-scenes-only (as opposed to a real, whole story) comic strip effort. Also it's a three-way crossover, between DOCTOR WHO and ... but the rest is obvious from the title, isn't it?
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Potpourri Nine (excerpt)
STAR WARS crossover.

An unDaily
ANGEL crossover.

King Arthur in Time and Space versions

One Child Born
Potpourii excerpt

On the original trilogy

Below is an essay I posted to alt.drwho.creative when the original trilogy had completed its initial run on Usenet.


At least one fellow adwc reader and writer has asked me why I was interested in exploring the Doctor's origins and family life in the trilogy consisting of Transformations, One Child Born and Posterity, when the mystery surrounding the character has always been part of the draw. Well, that isn't really what my interest was when I started out, and I wrote an essay about it several months ago in case people wondered, and this is it, because nothing in it is a spoiler any more.


I realized all along that the H.G. Wells character on LOIS & CLARK was "really" the Doctor, translated from an otherwise copyrighted hero into a historical figure the LOIS & CLARK producers could use. (Whether they knew it or not.) And it was shortly after the series finale aired that I conceived the story premise that the baby in the last scene was also the Doctor, brought there by his future self in order to procure for himself the same wholesome upbringing Clark had had. That I didn't write it earlier than I did was probably because I didn't know there was a LOIS & CLARK fanfiction newsgroup, in addition to alt.drwho.creative, to crosspost it to. I learned that shortly after I wrote the STAR TREK crossover Transformations.

In the first chapter of Transformations (originally titled Metamorphosis, but that has been overused as a STAR TREK story title; for an original series episode, for a paperback novel, and for at least one existing fanfiction story I know) we learn that Saavik of Vulcan is half-Gallifreyan (which is why two different actresses played her in the STAR TREK movie series), like the Doctor. As is usually the case, I had very little notion when I finished the first chapter where the story was going to go from there. The idea out of several others (which I forget now) that I finally chose was that Saavik was a half-sibling of the Doctor; whose father, in imperfect understanding of the emotional life Time Lords in the main deny themselves, had embarked on a program of littering the universe with half-Gallifreyan changelings to revitalize the race. (I remember trying to fight this idea off, because I too enjoy the mystery, to no avail.) The Doctor's speeches in that story were written to accomodate the little he's ever said in the screen canon about his family life (the house near a mountain, halfway up which the Doctor's Teacher lived [The Time Monster, Planet of the Spiders]; cavorting under the multicolored Gallifreyan sky with his father [the 1996 movie]). But the Doctor had never said anything onscreen about his mother except that he was half-human on her side [the 1996 movie] - and having no inspiration while writing Transformations as to her identity, I decided that the Doctor didn't know who she was any more than I did.

Transformations was complete but not yet posted, and I was beginning to itch to start a new story, when I discovered the LOIS & CLARK newsgroup. The Doctor's speeches in Transformations were modified to accomodate the premise of what now became titled One Child Born. (I also used the baby Doctor's fostership by Lois and Clark as an excuse for the adult Doctor to correct, at least in my LOIS & CLARK universe, what I think pre-mid-80s SUPERMAN had that post-mid-80s needs - but deemphasises in favor of Clark's personal life - i.e. that Clark Kent is just a little something more than a sensitive guy who has a secret. See the Doctor's last scene in Chapter 4.)

At the same time that I learned that there were SUPERMAN fiction newsgroups, I learned that there was a fiction newsgroup for the year-old BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, another property I'd toyed crossing DOCTOR WHO with, though no plot had occurred to me. About that time I also started wondering in earnest who the Doctor's mother was, reasoning that Transformations and One Child Born were answering every other question about the Doctor's early years. I decided Buffy was the Doctor's mother, because if she was then I could crosspost the story to yet another newsgroup; and the more I considered the nature of Slayers and the way I was going to have to resolve BUFFY's horror premise with the science fantasy of DOCTOR WHO, the more it fell together.


So the genesis of what I usually avoid calling the Father Who trilogy was less a desire to answer questions about the Doctor than about Saavik and about Lois and Clark. The Doctor's questions just dovetailed too well to ignore.

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