Paul Gadzikowski


T*R*E*K: "Mr. Spock, you're in command."

"All hands, go to yellow alert." Henry announced to the shipwide intercom. "Radar -"

"Dr. Houlihan to the transporter room," Radar said on shipwide. "Engineer McIntyre and a damage control party to the transporter room. Communications relief to the bridge."

"- and call your relief to the bridge," Henry finished, stepping to the turbolift doors as Radar stood to join him. "We're going to board her. Pierce, you have the conn."

"Wow, thanks, Dad!" said Hawkeye. "I'll fill the tank and everything."

"Captain!" Srank objected. "I outrank him!"

"I outrank you," said Henry in a mock whine, stepping onto the lift with Radar as Radar's relief arrived.

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