Paul Gadzikowski

ENTERPRISE fanfiction


Limbs flailing. "Lemme at'im! Lemme at'im!"

Hard pressed, Archer throws over his shoulder at T'Pol, "This is why I didn't want Trip told till the Vulcans were gone."


"Where I come from, we don't take kindly to strangers mistreating our womenfolk."

"You reserve it for yourselves?"


"I beg your pardon. But you do evince protectiveness that isn't necessarily consistent with a society that claims to have achieved gender equality."

"For your information, subcommander, protectiveness like this is perfectly logical."


"It's naturally selected. It's natural - and logical - for the species to want to protect the ones who reproduce. It's hardwired into people. Vulcans too, I bet. There won't ever be total gender equality in any species where both genders don't both get pregnant.

"Not that I don't believe there oughta be. I never resented you because you're a woman, have I?"


"Thank you."

"Only because I'm a Vulcan."

"Exactly. ...Hey!!"

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