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The Dailies

Cast notes 11/04

The classic Dailies of the 70s, 80s and early 90s drew their audience by literally drawing their audience - the people who read them appeared in them (along with some invented characters) (some of them invented by me). However I don't know what many or most of my net friends look like and, when initiating electronic Dailies for this website, was thus unable to draw my audience into the Dailies in the manner of past decades, when Dailies were drawn on paper and passed around on social occasions. But I'd met many or most of my netfriends through mutual interest in the characters which already appeared here in my text and cartoon fanfiction, so to use those characters in modern Dailies came to, I felt, nearly the same thing.

And in the end I couldn't keep the Dailies away from their roots. The rotating fanfiction and King Arthur in Time and Space Dailies seem to have secured for themselves a solid audience. Solid enough that, on a recent occasion when my wife suggested that there need to be autobiographical "original" Dailies again, I had no fear that doing so would alienate my readers (not after the triangle caricatures failed to do so following their shaky initial reception).

I have strong beliefs in the spiritual and cultural value of fanfiction and am contriving to have some ongoing fanfiction cartoon presence here even now that I've launched a conventional webcomic, i.e. one that's ownable by me under the present constraints of intellectual property law (see Arthur, King of Time and Space). Probably no one else would care whether I was - or appeared to be - abandoning fanfiction, except maybe for those who want it to happen For My Own Good, but for that very reason it matters to me.

For a proper cast page like webcomics usually have, see the New Reader Orientation page.

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