Paul Gadzikowski


Joyce meets the Doctor

"'Doctor'?" said Joyce. "This is the time-traveler you told me about?"

The Doctor turned to Buffy, a huge smile dawning on his face. "Your mother?"

"Mom, the Doctor. Doctor, my mom."

The Doctor advanced upon Joyce and, to her surprise, threw his arms around her. "Grandmother!"

"What?" blurted Joyce, her arms coming up around the Doctor with great tenativeness.

"Uh," Buffy hawwed, "it's a long story."

"My father is a Time Lord geneticist," said the Doctor. "When he met Buffy he took one of her eggs."

"Okay," said Buffy, "it isn't a long story."

The Doctor held Joyce at arms' length to grin at her, but Joyce was looking at Buffy with her overwhelmed look. "My," said the Doctor, "what big eyes you have."

"I think he has your hair," Buffy said.

"Your ... son?" Joyce asked Buffy finally.

"In a techno-genetic totally-not-involving-sex way," Buffy said. "Let me emphasize that again -"

"Any others I should know about?" Joyce asked. "Am I Superman's grandmother, too?"

"Now there would be a paradox," said the Doctor. But at her own word grandmother Joyce had reeled and now she needed to lie down for several minutes.


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