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On March 12, 1999 there was a hunger telethon on the BBC called Comic Relief. One of the comedy sketches, The Curse of the Fatal Death, featured Rowan Atkinson (BLACKADDER, MR BEAN, JOHNNY ENGLISH) as the "ninth" incarnation of the Doctor. With only the 1996 movie in screen DOCTOR WHO since 1989, I welcomed this episode into my list of sources. It gave us a new incarnation of the Doctor, and it gave me a face for the new incarnation of Saavik I'd created the previous Christmastime. The sketch was played for laughs though, obviously, so ... but that commentary's for the next cartoon.

The dialog between Janeway and Chakotay is paraphrased from dialog between the Brigadier and Sargeant Benton on the occasion of the Doctor's regeneration into his fourth incarnation. The Doctor's dialog is a followup to something he said then, too.

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