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Inspired by reader feedback. A longtime reader wrote in wondering whether Morgan le Fey, KAITAS analog to the recurringly evil Time Lord the Master on DOCTOR WHO, might not also be analog to the vampire Master of the first season of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. I replied no, not in my notes; for one thing, Morgan isn't actually a fairie. But the discussion led me to realize that in my notes I had chosen the same character from British folklore to be analog for the giant vampire in the DOCTOR WHO story State of Decay and to be analog of Buffy's Master vampire. Naturally the imaginary tv shows MERLIN and SAINT PUDENTIANA THE FAIRY BANE could very easily draw from the same folklore without regard to each other, but if they were real shows then their crossover fanfiction would be compelled to address the issue. This is what I've done here, though in doing so muddling it again somewhat because the Merlin character who is contemporary to SAINT PUDENTIANA THE FAIRY BANE is the Merlin from the remake series rather than the original series.

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