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Introduction to the King Arthur in Time and Space version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

There really was a Saint Pudentiana in Rome in the first century A.D. She and her brother Praxedes ran a sort of underground railroad for persecuted Christians, and today they're recognized martyrs with a church in Rome dedicated to Pudentiana or to both. According to my notes on Geoffrey Ashe's British Folklore, Pudentiana was the daughter of the only Briton mentioned in the Bible, Claudia Rufina (II Timothy 4:21), who is supposed to have been a daughter of the defeated British rebel king Caractacus. Linus the successor of St. Peter is supposed to have been of the same family, perhaps Claudia's brother. Bran was Caractus' father [sic; actually Cymbeline was Caractacus' father] and after spending some time in Rome is supposed to have returned to Britain to evangelize, and became known as Bran the Blessed (sometimes confused with the ancient hero-king Bran, who in KAITAS is analog to Khan Noonien Singh). Genuissa was the name of a supposed daughter of Emperor Claudius who was wife and mother to famous British rulers.

I believe the punchline here was subconsciously swiped from actual dialog in Welcome to the Hellmouth.

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