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If you grokked the commentary on the SHERWOOD STATION/SHERWOOD 5 cartoon, this one ought to be a breeze.

Here again we see that the Doctor and Dr. Who are regular visitors to different crossover characters, largely who live on different planes. My fanfiction groups most of at least the first rank of my pantheon into a single universe (not without some difficulties, partially described here). Among my first rank however is the Superman/DC Comics milieu which comes with alternate-dimensionality built in. And multidimensionality even ties in with DOCTOR WHO, the first episode of which specifies that the TARDIS travels through five dimensions, not just four, and which sometimes speaks of traveling "sideways in time" (Inferno) to "all universes" (Invasion of Time), etc. Most of the time, Dr. Who gets to be the time-traveling visitor to universes that are utterly incompatible with the universes of the properties of the first rank, e.g. Marvel comics, BLAKE'S 7, and BABYLON 5 - even though it's been shown that Dr. Who's native universe is the same as the Doctor's.

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