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There's an awful lot going on in this one: Though it's a King Arthur in Time and Space cartoon, it's reflective of the way Dr. Who (the "movie version") is, in fanfiction cartoons, more familiar to the second or third ranks of my pantheon - such as BABYLON 5 - than is the Doctor. If you're reading this archive in order you probably realize that. However this is the first (and, as of this writing, only) manifestation that the Robin Hood story is the KAITAS analog for BABYLON 5 as well as for STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. You may wonder how Robin Hood can be both Commander Sisko and Captain Sheridan. Remember that the KAITAS umbrella title for stories and cartoons on this website is for "fanfiction" of many imaginary screen properties (as described extensively in notes starting on this page) in addition to the one actually titled KING ARTHUR IN TIME AND SPACE. Among these imaginary screen properties are two different science fiction treatments of the Robin Hood stories. In the straight fanfiction, space stations in different fictional universes (Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5) are visited by different time-travelers who are variations on one character (the Doctor and Dr. Who); in KAITAS, space stations in different versions of the same revisited legend (Sherwood 5 and Sherwood Station) are visited by time-travelers who are different versions of the same revisited legend (Merlyn-with-a-y and Nimue). Shortly after this chronologically there's a second treatment of the King Arthur stories, as described partway down this notepage, and the version of Merlin in the final panel of this cartoon is from that - which is the whole joke of the cartoon. And finally there's Hercules in his secret identity as Alcides of Thebes being analog to Superman dressed as Clark Kent in LOIS & CLARK ... which, after everything else going on in these five panels, is downright straightforward.

The reference in the first panel to Sherwood 4 is meant to imply that the Doctor was a participant in the events of the BABYLON 5 episode War Without End.

Say, I bet Robin Hood would fit FIREFLY too. There's a captain of a band of bandits that includes a man of the cloth -

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