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"MCC" stands for Moreau Childcare Center. As referenced here, the Moreau Project had begun a program where its second generation was being raised all over the world in human society instead of on the Moreau base in Kenya like the first generation.

Of course, had I spent more than every third day for only a year drawing the history of the original Dailies for this website, there'd be more of the anti-Moreau movement story retold. The sole casualty of the MCC Chicago bombing was the one person who had resolved to talk to Monica, Newton's android wife, and Akili about the growing affection between them, of which no one else was aware (Akili and Monica didn't realize it was mutual, yet) except, of course, Newton. The whole thing was going to turn into a Camelotian love triangle, to be wrapped up in a storyline for the Dailies' twenty-fifth anniversary in 2001 that was going to retire all the Dailies' invented characters except Aihok and Effex. Then internet fanfiction came along and effectively derailed all original Dailies scenarios. I don't think anything of the Monica-Akili romance survived into online original Dailies. I think Monica only appears once.

Also: Maria was a doe. The MCC bombing was the cover story of Time or Newsweek when it happened, and the cover photo was of Maria's son on the scene of the bombing. Having "killed Bambi's mother", the anti-Moreau extremists who'd done it realized it was a public relations disaster for their cause, and backed off.

Also also: April 19th isn't just the anniversary of the Waco thing and the Oklahoma City thing - it's the anniversary of the first Daily...

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