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This was the second verion of this gag. I decided it wasn't clear enough in the first version that the purpose of the gag was to equate what Sybok did to people in STAR TREK V with what Spock did to Valeris in STAR TREK VI. In STAR TREK VI Spock seems to commit, let's not mince words, an out-of-character telepathic rape. But we don't see much of Valeris afterwards, and it could be that she comes out of it with the same catharsis as is rendered to the people Sybok melds with in STAR TREK V in order to "take their pain" and make them his followers. I don't remember whether it's in the film too or just in the novelization that Sybok's technique is described as a proscribed one, but I went with that. I also like the second version better because the Doctor is more proactive in it, in a manner particularly characteristic of this personality.

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