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KING ARTHUR IN TIME AND SPACE V STAR TREK V came out well after the second season of CHIVALRY: THE NEXT GENERATION STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Morgan must have been tending Lohengrin's bar awhile before viewers of the imaginary screen canon knew how she'd come to be a good guy between series.

Summary of the imaginary screen canon notes dealing with this subject: In Evil of the Daleks (1968) the Doctor impressed some Daleks with "the human factor", promoting Dalek civil war; in Evil of the Dragons Merlin's traveling companion Morgan impressed "the human factor" on the Dragons but had some of "the Dragon factor" impressed on her in return. On DOCTOR WHO the evil Time Lord the Master hypnotizes people, and in STAR TREK V the rebel Vulcan Sybok brainwashed people with a telepathic healing technique; on MERLIN while evil Morgan le Fey hypnotizes people with what is revealed in KING ARTHUR IN TIME AND SPACE V to all along have been an Avalonian healing technique whose use has finally rid Morgan of the Dragon factor impressed on her years and years ago. On STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Picard's ship's bartender is Guinan, of "a race of listeners"; on CHIVALRY: THE NEXT GENERATION Sir Lohengrin's bartender is Morgan le Fey, once enemy of King Arthur.

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