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The "labs" Akili is discussing with his fellow anthropomorph aren't Infinity Labs. Akili is a "child" of a secret eugenics foundation called the Moreau Project, based in Kenya, established long enough ago that Akili was born about 1960. Though I invented Akili about 1978, I didn't give him this origin until the mid-80s. Despite reader interest during the year there were online original Dailies, the Moreau Project was not explored in the depth it was developed during two decades of paper Dailies. By the time this cartoon is set, the human originators of the project - the "parents" of the "first generation" - were retiring or dying off. Such of the first generation as were interested in carrying on the work had begun taking charge of the Moreau Project assets and functions. The rest were planning the public integration of themselves into the larger world.
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