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I originally conceived this one with Admiral Janeway in it, because we already learned from her that 24th century Starfleet captains didn't know about Stargates as recently as while she was in the Delta Quadrant. Then I thought, "Hey wait, doesn't have to be Janeway. Picard's starred in new STAR TREK more recently." Then I thought, "You know, Archer's at least as current as Picard, and Archer didn't get a lot of Dailies exposure while ENTERPRISE was on because a lot of what could have been ENTERPRISE gags got converted to KING ARTHUR IN TIME AND SPACE." So I gave the gag to Archer, forgetting my original reason for having put Janeway in it in the first place was the strong indication in the earlier gag that Archer couldn't have known of Stargate Command. But then, there's also a Daily suggesting that STARGATEs and STAR TREKs are fiction to each other - so oh, well.

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