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When I told my wife beforehand how I was going to change the Doctor from Richard E. Grant to Christopher Eccleston without it costing a regeneration, her reaction was that it'd make the Doctor's new personality a bit sour and guiltridden. Given that I knew the new Doctor when he hit the screens was going to have a lot of the old-fashioned Baker/McCoy/McGann bubbliness to him, when she said that I felt it necessary to contrive to have him talked out of his sourness and guilt before the new season began airing. I chose General O'Neill to do it because I like Stargate(s) and Major Sheppard had gotten to actually witness the change. (Up till now, regular readers may have noticed, offscreen regenerations portrayed in my fanfiction had all been witnessed by Starfleet captains.) But when I told my wife what O'Neill's argument was going to be she pointed out that Jack O'Neill, after years of battling the Goa'uld, isn't likely to be sympathetic to someone who's usurped someone else's body, even against his will, especially when that someone else was one of O'Neill's men. Sometimes you can't win for losing.

(Of course I didn't know then that the 2005 Doctor would be bubbly and sour & guilty, because of this whole Time War thing. Sometimes you can't win for losing.)

I had O'Neill do it anyway because I still think that the point made about soldiering is one that O'Neill would believe in, and one that many soldiers must have wished made to the Doctor.

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