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In 2003 for DOCTOR WHO's fortieth anniversary the BBC website produced an animated serial, featuring the Doctor in a ninth incarnation voiced by Richard E. Grant, titled Scream of the Shalka. As I'd done with the ninth incarnation from the comedy charity telethon (the one who appears in the flashback here), I incorporated the new ninth incarnation into my fanfiction, starting in the story The Circle of Time. As Scream of the Shalka portrayed the Doctor already settled into this new ninth body, I was free to portray the actual regeneration in The Circle of Time, which I did, making it a consequence of a plot by the Doctor's nemesis the evil Time Lord the Master, a plot one of whose aims was to steal the Doctor's body and its regenerative cycle as the Master has been trying to do since at least 1996.

Now, the Master is in Scream of the Shalka - or so it appears. In Scream of the Shalka among the TARDIS accoutrements is an android of the Master (voiced by Derek Jacobi). Whether it's just a mechanical simalcrum, or whether the Doctor has actually transferred the real Master's consciousness into the android, is a question never addressed. Here I address it and, being me, make a crossover of it.

The web ninth Doctor serial had barely begun when it was announced that DOCTOR WHO would be returning to proper tv in a year or so. From this point forward till the tv ninth Doctor became the current Doctor in the Dailies, both the tv eighth Doctor and the web ninth Doctor were current Doctors in the Dailies.

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