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In Le Morte d'Arthur Cador of Cornwall is named Arthur's heir to the High Kingship in absence of any heir of his blood. Yet every other lord or lady "of Cornwall" in the story is an enemy of Arthur. As the flashback in panel three above suggests, Cador was already the King Arthur in Time and Space analog for Chancellor Gorkon, in STAR TREK VI: The Undiscovered Country, previous to the airing of the ENTERPRISE episode Judgment. In the KAITAS imaginary screen canon notes the program analog to ENTERPRISE is a remake, not a sequel, and the natural analog for a Klingon friendly to Archer would be a Cornwall lord friendly to Arthur. So remember that these KAITAS stories and cartoons are fanfiction of these imaginary unrelated screen canons, fanfiction that posits one to be a time-travel-warped version of the other.

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