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BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER viewers will recognize this as a rewritten version of a scene from the episode Smashed. In the aired version it's DOCTOR WHO which Andrew claims to have seen all of (and RED DWARF he's waiting to catch on DVD). The first time this cartoon "aired", it was something called CAPTAIN X which Andrew claimed to have seen all of and which Jonathan had resurrected through application of time-travel principles displayed in the program itself. Then I adopted a policy of reflecting tv-within-tv in my fanfiction with King Arthur in Time and Space properties when BVS complicated my life by making pop culture references to properties with which I cross it over (and a policy of making Spike a closet screen cult fan).

But what Spike says in the second panel is substantially true. Much of 1960s DOCTOR WHO was junked in the 1970s and Andrew is too young to have seen it.

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