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Of course, the reason Arthur has to go home and stop traveling with Merlin when he's fifteen is in order to take his rightful place as king of his solar system, and Aurora's crush on him is doomed.

The reason Arthur's time goes so much faster than everyone else's is: When ENTERPRISE came on I decided that the King Arthur in Time and Space version, EXCALIBUR, would be a remake of the imaginary KING ARTHUR IN TIME AND SPACE show instead of a prequel as ENTERPRISE is to STAR TREK. I assumed ENTERPRISE would last seven years - as all STAR TREKs had since 1987 - which is about a third as long as King Arthur reigned (according to my calculations based on T.H. White's The Once and Future King), so for this version of Arthur and his company time goes about three times as fast as for the characters of the other imaginary shows EXCALIBUR gets crossed over with.

On SAINT PUDENTIANA THE FAIRY BANE Puck is analog to both Dracula and Glory. Though Saint Pudentiana historically had a sibling named Praxedes, that was a brother. I don't think it occurred to me to gender-bend the Dawn-analog and name him Praxedes, particularly when I knew that Aurora is Latin for dawn.

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